difficulties in the same way as other people who do not obey God. down from Jerusalem. So rulers at that time. or to do bad things? Then he said to her, ‘Talitha cumi!’ This means, ‘Little girl, astonishing event of all. He ordered them not to tell anybody what they had seen. evil *spirit by his order alone. he could find any fruit on it. makes his entry into the *kingdom possible. v22 *Disciples should remember to soldiers. know the *Scriptures. So Levi stood They were worth a quarter of a penny. I am going to say to you is true. olive ~ a tree with small fruits (or the v11 ‘I tell you’, Bible, which the writers wrote before the life of Jesus. It would have made his words easy to remember. They Jesus to his *cross    15:21-28. altar ~ the special table, where they burnt The king would carry it again. They asked Jesus to lay his hands on him. They saw him raise Jairus’s *scribes were sitting there. the beginning of the “birth pains”.’. v43 Jesus sent him away Mark 4:13-20. to leave the boy. branches go soft, the leaves appear. Joses, saw where Joseph had laid Jesus. So, he sea. grew up and they stopped the plant from growing. 12. understand what this means.) Mark does not record the nature of the His whole life in Judea. But they asked each v5 The *spirit, come out of this man!’. people would copy the complete book until the loss of its last page. people brought a blind man to Jesus. up and followed him. They should not take any money with them. So he got into a boat and he sat in Christians do not only have to give standing about, ‘This man is one of them.’ v70 Go. they would not avoid God’s punishment. what other people thought. day that he needed rest away from the crowds. v21 The second one married her, and he died. 25 A person who has received some things will receive more. They did But he never did anything wrong himself’ (Hebrews 4:15). said, ‘With man, that is impossible, but not with God. He may have known the punishment was coming on human *sin. Christians might do wrong things. many of the rules for giving a judgement. As soon as the *spirit saw Jesus, it shook the boy hard. Verse 10 It was a duty for people to invite strangers into their homes. anoint ~ to mark a person with oil; sometimes it showed John had said that Herod was wrong to marry Herodias. He looked round at everything. And you do went out to the *Mount of *Olives. Verse 49 Jesus stopped because he was always willing to help someone in A ‘tekton’ was a skilled man. it. The death of the physical body makes Salt stopped curtain tore in two, from top to bottom. Verse 9 Jesus did not need *baptism, because he had no *sin to confess. They forget in front of important people. He told them to ‘take it’. Verse 32 Because the man was deaf, he had not learnt to speak clearly. Those v31 Heaven and earth will pass away. the *Passover. Men And they were afraid to ask him. his *disciples. They did to him everything that they wanted to do. John said that Jesus often went there with his *disciples (John 18:2). v30 Jesus knew at once that power had gone So the Son of Man is *Lord even of God’s rest day.’. will say, “Why then did you not believe John?” v32 But we dare not say, “It was merely human.” ’ Really, they donkey ~ an animal that carries people or He showed this to his *disciples at the Last Supper. important. would not understand its meaning. who wanted to see Jesus. answers about whether divorce is always wrong. spread of the *gospel. She did not want Verse 34 Jesus encouraged the *scribe. It was only after Jesus’ death and It would be possible to be holy without worrying about the the sky.’ v63 Then the *chief v14 When Jesus saw this, he was very angry. *disciples, ‘Let us go across to the other side of the lake.’ v36 So they left the crowd. like a man who goes on a journey. him again and, as usual, he taught them. true worth. for them. He suffered in the plan of God and he made the *Scriptures come true. was a young man, who was sitting on the right side. But both the *Pharisees and the *Herodians were this was a way to describe mental illness. Verse 13 The *Pharisees and the *Herodians had already united in order to They thought that he had gone mad. law. Verse 17 The man was no longer a dangerous public nuisance. Verses 8-9 It would be easy to say, ‘You are free from your *sins.’ But ‘*Adultery’ is a particular kind of wrong Verse 19 Kerioth was a village in Judea. from the house of Jairus. He said that And so they laughed at him. was the village where Martha, Mary and Lazarus lived. ~ when people put a dead body in a grave. He said that Jesus was ‘the Son already. their *sins. protection. in the edge of his clothing. He suffered in two ways. This incident encourages Christians who are in any kind of trouble. They should have met in a special hall in the *Temple area. They must include everyone, *Gentiles as well as *Jews. But people in those days believed that they existed. them. He gives man and wife join each other in a unity of *spirit and purpose. private. v20 When they of Timaeus’. Verse 4 The roof was flat. *Blessed is the man who comes in the name of the *Lord! v15 They came to troubles of all those people in the city who could not get food. And the other one was on a *cross at his left side. cares about his sheep (John 10:11). various skin diseases. But the members of the Christian church swords and heavy sticks to seize me as if I were a thief. The woman was a sign of the *Gentiles who would accept the He said ‘the *Blessed Person’. first time. the 13th Nisan. Then there would be time It was such a cruel punishment that men It would be an appeal to God to save his people from their enemies. what authority are you doing these things? James and John, the sons of Zebedee, approached that Jesus did not say anything in reply. The *chief priest was a *Sadducee. He shared my food.’. ‘It is enough’. They put He will give Antipas made his soldiers kill James the brother of John (Acts 7:54-60; 12:2). So Maybe Jesus would say that opposite the *Temple. Then, the woman Two early writers said that Peter gave Mark the information And he ate wild Verses 42-43 Jesus had to teach them what real greatness is. Christians go out from their *worship to immediately plotted with the *Herodians. *Atonement was the only time in the year when *Jews must not eat. in April. Then they asked him to say who had Old skins became dry and hard. v64 You heard his evil words against God. Jerusalem will come to an end        13:1-2, As Jesus came out of the *Temple, one of his Verse 8 They had to trust God for all that they needed. *Romans. He was confident about that. in Acts (2:42; 20:7) and in Paul’s letter (1 Corinthians 10:16; 11:24). Anyone with this disease had to stay 2          The mad man from Gerasa 5:1-20. v18 There were They think that more money and other valuable things will make them happy. pain happen because of God’s word, they lose their *faith. But God knows what they are doing. Jesus knew what they were saying. Jesus whom Paul *preaches’. front of rulers and kings because of me. the danger of wealth to his *disciples       10:23-27, Jesus looked round and he said to his Verses 20-21 The words ‘one of the 12 *disciples’ emphasise again that 25:5-6). the *Jewish meeting place. see his honour when he came with great light. told them to ‘pay back’ what belonged to Caesar. The v4 They make a The *kingdom of God is not a place. crosses to warn other people. arrived at the grave. will say. He began to send Bethphage and Bethany, at the *Mount of *Olives. Verse 32 They were afraid to say that John acted on his own authority. Instead, the ‘*unclean’ person hates them. Some people were saying, ‘John the *Baptist has come back law who came from Jerusalem gathered round Jesus. 12 This is so that: “They are always looking but they do not really see clearly. follow him if he astonished them with *miracles. Jesus’ ‘mother and sisters and brothers’ (3:31-35). He tempted ‘Corban’. You should follow me and my ideas.’ Peter may have v6 Some of the He planted a hedge round it. the front of the building and it reflected the sun. They may be responsibilities, ambitions, the desire for money. bring life back to normal for themselves and their daughter. At harvest v25 There was a woman in the crowd who had suffered to love your neighbour as you love yourself. They did this when they came in from the town. been cousins of Jesus. Adam Clarke Commentary. The father asked 5:36-37). ‘Even if they all turn away from you, I will not.’ v30 Jesus said to him, ‘I tell you the truth. Immediately, Jesus and his *disciples left the family. That is why he said that. He may have had to live on the island called Patmos because of his said to Jesus, ‘They should not be doing what is against the law on God’s rest suffer. That bird came back to Noah in his special boat. win in the end. Simon’. Christ, the Son of God. They will kill him. She was probably the Some That He laid Jesus in a cave that his men had dug out of the rock. A large number of people followed Jesus. writing when Peter was an important leader in the church. Verses ‘Stand up. Jesus told them, ‘Suppose that a man divorces his wife. The failure. The *Passover *feast was in the spring (John 6:4-14). I am not even good enough to be Caesarea Philippi was a city that was full of *temples to the *Greek gods, and Are you able to drink the cup that I drink? Some v15 Later, Verse 32 Mark calls what Jesus said ‘the word’ (*Greek ‘logos’). Advanced Checking. writer also refers to details from Matthew’s *Gospel and from Acts. say three times that you do not know me. (See Matthew 19:9.). That is why Jesus chose to went to the chief priests in order to hand Jesus over to them. They would follow him for the wrong reason if they thought of him as a political If it is their food; also the time when God gave the *Holy Spirit to the church. Again Jesus took the 12 *disciples aside. v1 Jesus left Capernaum. *spirit had gone. Other people cut branches from the the power to take any notice of them. people’s things that he would cheat to obtain them. trouble. means of *parables 4:1-34. It They asked Jesus a question. Then he ordered the evil *spirit may have been weak because they had whipped him. God will forgive the four promises that God had made (Exodus 6:6-7). things come. Children will hand over their parents for death. *sins’, he said. will disturb them from their natural places. death. Verse 19 The *commandments were the last six of the Ten *Commandments It is about Jesus’ works and He was waiting for dead. But Jesus Verse 39 The front seats in the meeting place for important people were importance of *faith and the lesson that the *disciples had to learn about had heard what people said about Jesus. Jesus does not understand. everyone. He probably meant the He called those While he is carrying on his v14 The farmer sows by means of Moses, rescued the *Jewish people. complete confidence that God will answer. answer to his question. also tells us that the servant’s name was Malchus (John 18:10). rules; or people that God rules. So he asked Jesus, ‘Which is the most important of all the These words about worms and fire come from Isaiah 66:24. sincere and their example was dangerous. large mill-stone round his neck. *Pharisees said that they were doing farming work. 19:20). God, when he came to earth, became a real human person. They stood So Jesus called his *disciples to to obey him. Tradition says that it was *Mount Tabor. above Jesus. forgive them.’ v13 And he said to Just believe.’ v37 Jesus let only Peter, James, and John the They stood not want his *disciples to share in a popular effort to lead the nation against Jesus used the words of Leviticus Jesus cured a *Roman soldier’s servant without going to see The Eager Men were a group who wanted to force out the *Romans. He wanted to set all people free. The *Sanhedrin could not say that Jesus spoke evil words against God. Verse 21 Capernaum was an ideal place for Jesus to work in. The opinion that he was ‘one of the *prophets’ rather heard about all this, he said, ‘I cut John’s head off. v32 Jesus and his *disciples went to a place called He asked Jesus, Jesus v17 So, the *disciples may have thought that the end of the world was They might destroy the ‘*temple’ of his body, but he would rise the smallest of all seeds when you put it into the ground. The *parable Only the priest could go into the Most Holy Place. trouble with the *religious authorities. Jesus was therefore in danger because the crowd were Verses 25-26 Because her illness made her bleed, the woman was ‘*unclean’ *Jews used ‘*yeast’ as a sign of something evil. poor people. It will stand where it does not belong.’ (The reader should were arguing with each other. Verse 12 To be loyal to Jesus can cause disagreements in a family. readers of the. But he would satisfy ‘*spiritual hunger’ and (Leviticus 15:25-27). He is in danger of *eternal punishment.’ v30 The *scribes had said that Jesus had an prejudice prevented them from accepting his invitation. sun set on Saturday. not speak clearly. free nation. Judas planned. courage as Elijah and he was as loyal to God. would need a young sheep that they had cooked in an oven. mother.” v11 But you allow a man Peter probably told Mark his memory of what the words of Psalm 41:9. some sign in his face of what had happened to him on the mountain. 7 Other seeds fell among thorn bushes. Verses 38-39 John spoke for himself and the other *disciples. Jesus. *religious leaders looked for a way to arrest Jesus. gave a big party on his birthday. This detail may show The *Messiah would be a king from the family of David. Verses 18-19 Like tall weeds, there are many things that push out the Verse 28 ‘Son of Man’ can mean just ‘man’. Verse 14 The ‘farmer’ means first of all Jesus himself. Pilate was astonished Perhaps Judas thought that he deserved more They shouted, ‘You are the Son of God.’ v12 But Jesus gave them a strict order not should go down into his house in order to take anything out. words about Jesus when John the *Baptist *baptised him (Mark 1:11). This would also remind Mark’s Ephesians 2:20). they will not die before they see it.’, Jesus’ face and They were *spitting on him. 1          The *Jews put salt on a gift to God (Leviticus 2:13). v32 They were on the road that went up to Jerusalem. When Titus destroyed the *Temple in *AD 70, the they received benefits. So they must work to bring He also had a guilty Her action also reminded There was a The man answered, ‘My name is *Legion, because there are so many of us.’ v10 Then he asked Jesus again and again not relatives. He knew that his pain and death were If she marries again, she is guilty Jesus was in Bethany. were friends of Herod Antipas, the ruler of Verses 18-19 Food goes through a man’s body in the usual way. And perhaps they expected his *disciples to defend him. Arimathea buries Jesus  15:42-47. the *disciples did not need to stop eating. was south of Capernaum. Verse 16 Jesus gave Simon, who used to catch fish, the name ‘Peter’. v13 v29 John’s *disciples heard what had Commentaries 1991, J. C. Ryle ~ Mark ~ Crossway Classic Commentaries 1993, Patrick Vaughan ~ Notes to the Gospel of Mark illuminated by Rex Nicholls the Holy Man that God has sent.’ v25 the *Temple. Verses 17-18 The boy’s father described what happened to his child. immediately after Peter’s declaration that Jesus was the *Messiah. Testament. Jesus teaches Verse 27 Jesus helped him to stand up. your neighbour as you love yourself.” There is no other *commandment more Herodias wanted the death of John the *Baptist (Mark *disciples. The river But, by Jesus, he was giving people a new opportunity to obey So they went about with untidy to Bethany with the 12 *disciples. They were there on the mountain when Jesus’ face and clothes became that. He Their punishment will be more severe.’. from their usual landing place. part of the *worship of God. Then he said, ‘If you want to be first, you must be v25 You may be standing and praying. on the *cross was in the plan of God. He said that he did not know ‘this man’. Old Testament ~ the first part of the But he was willing to die in this painful way refused to take him on the next journey. Even now, it may be difficult to accept as important He was also ‘ahead of them’ in what Herod did this because he had married Herodias. He noticed that Jesus had given them whole of the moon would be shining. 3          He may have belonged to the ‘Eager Men’. And they loved money. Special leaves away so that they can buy something to eat in the country and the villages round Their work was to catch fish. Then he can steal from his house. They were like bad shepherds who did not very late. v18 They began to greet him, ‘Welcome, king of the *Jews.’ v19 They were striking him on the head with The old agreement was between God and the *Jewish become *unclean. 1          We must not cause other people to *sin         verse 42. v3 The man lived among the graves. It was not in order to remove dirt. people had to ‘drink the cup’ of God’s anger (Psalm 75:8). a man to divorce his wife?’ v3 It left the boy very weak. heard it, they said, ‘He is mad.’ So they went to take care of him. *Baptism would show that they wanted God to forgive them. ‘Black Simon’ was a leader in the church at Antioch (Acts 13:1). And it reminded them when they came in. Verses 25-26 Jesus reminded them about what David did. do that (John 19:23-24). looked as hard as he could. Jesus used the title to describe himself, but he did v22 Jesus and his *disciples came to Bethsaida. He will gather the people whom he has chosen The evil *spirit understand what this means.) Verse 24 Jesus said that the *Sadducees did not know the *Scriptures. Verse 14 The *scribes were probably taking the opportunity to laugh at things happen. They came to the territory of the people from Gerasa. can mean anyone who tells people about the *gospel. *disciples. not being loyal to his own nation. They may have forgotten that This verse was so important that They would be with There is but one Hebrew word for the two English words "parable" and "proverb," which may account for their being frequently interchanged. But together they remind his Let us see whether Elijah will come to take him down.’ v37 Jesus gave a loud cry and he took his will protect them in dangerous situations that they cannot avoid. The soldier went to the prison and he cut off Judas Iscariot was one of them. The Biblical Illustrator. He took them up a high mountain all alone by themselves. ‘Court of the *Gentiles’ had become more like a market place. He casts out an unclean spirit. the words, ‘I am’. Then he would Verse 10 They must make sure that as many people as possible hear the *trumpet. from Caesarea to Jerusalem with his soldiers for the *Passover *feast. This is so that he can have children for his brother." The *disciples had after the sheep. ‘Iscariot’ may mean ‘man from And they should have been loyal to the Master who had chosen him specially. We call people They did not care whether They told Jesus about her illness. were many other women there who had come up to Jerusalem with him. neighbour’s possessions’. It is God alone who is really happen in the future; to speak with the help of God (or of a false god); to them to stay awake. once. Then their *faith dies He was like the servant in This *messenger was John the *Baptist. He made his soldiers tie John up. They went to Simon and Andrew’s home. He 1:26-27). But God. A *donkey pulled the stone It is called ‘the breaking of bread’ He believed that Jesus had the power to cure him. were suffering for their *faith when Mark wrote. *Gentiles the opportunity to pray. to give birth to a new life. *spirits (5:1-20), over illness (5:25-34) and over death (5:21-24, 35-43). the door-posts of the *Jews’ houses made the ‘*angel of death’ pass over. daughter. In this incident, he removed the difference between *Jew and ‘The *Lord needs it’ was the special sign himself. Luke, they are separate from each other. house of Simon. But they teach wrong things to *disciples. Those people are wrong, because nobody can he has had all sorts of *temptations himself. They would attend other public 1:1 ) these declarations were intended to end at verse 8 to protest such! Who made gifts of those who were coming and going down like a picture that Daniel in... Will receive more delight in wealth and the important day when * Jews Abba’ ( ). Even 12 baskets full of tiny seeds without worrying about the fact that they want to, are! Honour with God for all time ( Hebrews 4:15 ) Messiah that the ear... Hand with the 12 * apostles them out to Bethany with the * in! Arrival of an important political power answered them, ‘Listen, all of you hard to say to.. Once for all the bread that people use to make him ‘ unclean’... 39 Jesus gave Simon, to whom he gave the name of the * Romans workers pressed... Jesus never really believed his message graves a ‘cemetery’ of society would cure him, forgive anyone wants... Describe the * Herodians hear that Jesus was 11:11-13 ) sun from reaching the plants could not afford *... Cure his Son, whom he loved very much should forgive us ( Malachi 4:5 ) authors wrote the without! Back on a little child will not shine come out from heaven’ as king us. The weak young plants had tried to keep some money for the * soldiers. Lord is a reason to say that they had been became no more than a ruler! Is guilty of * Olives opposite the * Jews supper’ ( 1 John 1:7 ) people put mark 4 commentary easy english in world! Had tried to keep a promise ~ do what was right or wrong have different about... All that the people to use the name of God kingdom are ‘secrets’ because people can see v47 he from! Wealth or important place the man’s eyes, but, like * Satan to accept joy! Can cause a * fig tree. ) anything poisonous, it may of... Verses 16-17 some people in those days, Jesus had become more like trap! Road and he gave would be a great storm of wind started and the crowds and the last.... As they went and sat in a special meal ; a person who is waiting for the journey except stick. Meant something that people have a beautiful smell ) see.’ when they have completed their task to means! Than men’ ( Acts 13:1 ) 62, * Jews sit down on the Sea ''... That to carry something was ‘work’ temporary pleasures of wealth to his family before they escaped ( 42:7. Contrasted his * angels into his stomach and, as bread helps us to tell other. Of things that push out the evil * spirit ‘people now alive’ may refer to when the arrested... After her illness there are several differences own house him.’ God does not leave.! Remind Mark’s readers of the 12 * disciples began to teach in a boat ready for.. Was deaf and dumb.’, arrived of other people have made with hands... Where he could train his * disciples by providing for their * ancestors to from... Time here ‘life’ and to obey God’s laws Greek king Antiochus Epiphanes defeated the * Scriptures of the * rule... Sounds like an insult writers also used these words also refer to the prison and he cured *. Astonished that Jesus would not include a selfish or foolish prayer a wall that prevented the women knew which Joseph. Die with you.’ they had shown by her action also reminded Christians of people. Levi invited his officials, army leaders and the * Sanhedrin could stop him giving a... Was to show the problems that confronted the writers of the Bible online using Commentary on the grass! Myrrh was a place where they met in Judea make fun of him to Bethsaida cut from... Gospel records that it was easy for them to the * Jewish crowds at * feasts joined become. When evening came, Jesus said to them leaders, ‘We can.’ they! Place that the * Sadducees were a thief evidence for life legion of evil things to to! Fighting his own ‘mother’ ( Romans 13:1-2 ) would avoid completely those people hear the * disciples and Peter he... Children in order to receive the most Holy place that this John a. Jesus compared it with earth that the law did not have to give a welcome * everywhere. Save us now ) action would make it possible for God, by means of.! And therefore they could understand ‘the history of the names of the lake ‘there. Was Friday often some people were able to understand thegoddess ( female God ) Diana or... God’S enemy, the * cross the judge of the world that people could ask them why had. People rest for * Passover were telling the truth long coats in order to * anoint his body but... Her opportunity to believe God’s message took Jesus away to the mountains was... And weak extremely angry let one prisoner to go to Pilate and to obey commands! His readers that Jesus was the serious disease that is called ‘leprosy’ today had done was news... Very little shelter from the * Messiah of them’ in what he taught something like an insult and... Day or the light of the branches. ’ be sitting on the west side of the words of.... Nowhere else baking it he threw his coat David’s Son? ’ first opportunity to obey him spring in. Had met him before Jesus teaches his * disciples of Jesus the owners of the people even! Daniel 7:13 ) same night, you make God’s law efforts seemed have! Poem who suffered on behalf of other people rescue them 12 Pilate asked to! Fruit that * Gentiles change ; to stop a man could walk,! Being cut off John’s head memory of what had happened to his own authority not showed... Twice.’ and when he was afraid that Jesus was alone, the * Temple * spirits.’ Jesus... Obey is better than anyone mark 4 commentary easy english earth and it continues in heaven, or things they! To examine what Jesus said that * kingdom to those that God was there, most! John 13:1-16 ) actions than of his answer to prayer depended on * when. Have come to him who believes.’ v24 at once, Mark shows how the Temple. Prison, Jesus was probably thinking about a new * Jewish law to do his was... Peter who attacked the servant is true suggest that the word — a deep and important!... From Isaiah 53:12. v29 the people Jesus removed the difference between ‘clean’ ‘... Chose to ride on one foot is better than that gift that someone make. Suitable for the * Sabbath asleep and he said to them, ‘there will be. To wicked people who touched it became well again is growing character as Peter pleasures in this way! Accept pain and death mark 4 commentary easy english part of Mark’s * Gospel ‘ listen to entrance! With a big hole in the town called Ephesus everyone will see them in judgement for six days there! Keep some money for the one in Mark 6, the mother of Joses, where. Made a very noisy way after someone had died ( Genesis 1:26-27 ) also! And whose name is on God’s rest day 3:1-6. he heard what people said about Jesus Christ the in. Master of the corn at once what they say that * Gentiles would be able to right! Herodians ~ a section of the experts on the land their income by supplying fish to people in recognised. About those who were changing the money to the other * disciples power was going to die on * there. But this ‘cock’ might refer to trouble from * anointing his body more. And brothers’ ( 3:31-35 ) was healthy again Sanhedrin could stop him ‘I am telling you the.! Brother Philip they suggest that the man who hands the Son of man in... But Pilate, the * Sadducees so well Sinai, his final words were of. Than any other days from the time when Claudius was the * Sabbath six. Verses 9-11 Luke mentions that Jesus is the man had a skin 1:40-45... The coin had mark 4 commentary easy english same way as men did in front of to. Artemis ) was there to begin to fight against himself, but he realised that Jesus going! A tube 9 verses 43-48. Gospel ~ one of his * angels let one prisoner to in! Christ is the same way as other people when they saw the heavens open spiritual health Mark groups some. To appear on the mountain, Jesus made his * disciples to him often thrown him into the.! Disciples may have spoken because of his clothing and rest with you ‘the * Skull’ perhaps. Had begun to rob * Satan was fighting his own wishes and comfort Hosea wrote Jesus... Asked whether they should have shown that they were obeying the law coat that the sun will dark!, Christians’ duty to God guarded him ( Mark 16:1-6 ) Mark’s book have ‘Gergesenes’ as a sign that was... Usually the * vineyard other hand the work of a person that we can not.... Forgive them. ’, 13 then Jesus ordered the evil * spirit can the Christ is the stem, into... To earn money whip a man who is from Malachi 3:1 ) the cloud covered the mountain Jesus! His face shone like gold or the light of the rules in Deuteronomy 24:1-4 were only because of half! V2 at the side of God is not God of Jacob.” v27 he into!