selection of video inputs to choose from ex. February 6th, 2011. Alternatively, this button can be at the bottom of the screen. Report This by Manage My Life. How do you change input w/o orig. I hope … For example, we watch tv on input 2, and if hubby wants to play his PS4 he needs to switch the TV he needs to change the source to Input 3. I cannot find the input. On the Vizio-only remotes, the input button is on the very top left and is rather small when compared with the universal model for seniors. RCA tv remote broken,can`t change input Can't Post I have an old RCA tv model #F35670MB connected to vcr thru RF coaxial cable. Plug the yellow, white, and red ends of your RCA cable into the matching A/V output ports on the back of your receiver. ; Remove any obstacles between the remote and the component. I am trying to connect a replay tv to it. <