He looks too fancy and he stays in that huge luxurious hotel. Thanks dramallama for the recap. He does not bring his boys for professional evaluation to find out if they have special needs. So many kdramas (and possible other types of dramas) have such bad parents as plot points. Agreed. Just a thought. Seo In guk is always a sexy boy. Its interesting... or For Jian, who is she? I just can't put that into words as well as you have :( I haven't had the time to go back to re-evaluate the episode but I think that it is likely that he's relying on procedural information rather than putting himself in the killer's shoes. I hope, hope, hope that the writer is as smart as she/he portrays herself/himself to be. Team Leader Kang finishes his introduction and claps for himself. He’s surprised to see Hyun at his side with a mug for him. So I look forward to this show playing with that. Yes, link please :D. And DB have a thread too?! He shrugs that his work was done and didn’t feel the urge to continue conversing with incompetent investigators. His smile is the quintessential angelic grin and here (as in his great role in It's OK That's Love) shows a powerful acting talent. “The place I grew up, the place I buried my memories, the place and pivotal time that shaped my soul. Yeah. Is Park Bo-gum going to play the little brother? Stream the latest romantic Korean dramas / crime Korean dramas / comedy Korean dramas on demand in as fast as 8 hours! is new to acting, and he hits it out of the park. Funny enough it's more compelling than the present storyline imo. So far I've watched all 5 episodes of High Society and the premier episodes of I Remember You. Watch List. But, I was not convinced with D.O's acting there :(. and child Hyun actor were superb as well: they had all the facial expressions needed for their roles. Watch and download Korean drama, movies, Kshow and other Asian dramas online in hd quality. Hyeon would have also liked her, “So you were her…. Korean Dramas | Episode 41. Hyun comments that they all look so ordinary, and Dad responds, “Evil hides in the ordinary.” As we see the handcuffed prisoner being led out of his cell, Dad continues, “The cruelest person could have an angel’s face, so be careful of strangers.”. B. Ah... Seo In Guk is really suit for this role. Too much mystery I love it! Twenty-Twenty (2020) Episode 21 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 47 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 46 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 45 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 44 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 43 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 42 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 41 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 40 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 39 English SUB, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 38 English SUB, My Dangerous Wife (2020) Episode 15 English SUB, Birthcare Center (2020) Episode 7 English SUB, Penthouse: War In Life Episode 8 English SUB, Please Don’t Date Him (2020) Episode 3 English SUB, 2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships, 2020 Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships Chuseok Special, 3 Nin no Shingurumaza – Sutekina Jinsei Gyakuten Monogatari, 30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii, ABEMA TV IZ*ONE Japan Debut Special! I really wanna know Hyun and Ji-An knew each other. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Gripping his son’s hand, Dad vows to protect Hyun. neko^^ Meow Meow. Where is his brother? They discuss the possibility of a serial killer and mention that they’ll be meeting their new team leader on site today. My Wonderful Life (2020) Episode 125. It made me smile every time, heh. The acting he does with his eyes is amazing and i love the tone of his voice when he speaks. I might have to add that I haven't studied any psychology and etc, it was just a thought so thanks for clearing that up. Unhinged DO is a sight to behold as well. In his professional attire, Dad walks to a prison. I really like the back story. I think there's something to be said about the drama if most of the news the it generated in the past 2 days were about D.O's acting. About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. One of the key characteristics of ASD (and Asperger's) is the lack of empathy, which is often qualified using Theory of Mind. 44:08. neko ^^Meow Meow. Hyun asks what his critical period was like, but Joon-young turns the attention to Hyun. Maybe he's also Joon Young's apprentice. Even though we don't see a lot of the younger brother in these episodes, I think it might turn out that it's him who is actually him who is the psychopath and his elder brother Hyeon is covering for him because well, that's what elder brothers do right? Thanks @Val. Synopsis. Ji-an calls Hyun, who picks up while cleaning his house. How is his critical period like? Remember You EP 1 Eng Sub - Lee Hyun receives an email from someone, who claims to be from the police department, asking for help with a case. I just hope that the plagiarism issues can be resolved soon. Curious about what his son was burying, he searches the area and finds an animal’s paw. He got the charm of being cool even he's not trying. Then he went back because an email frim Junyeong? Going back to the title change, I do think the current title allows more room for the drama to direct the focus on the romance. Has he done plastic surgery to his face??? Just like when she told “Aunt”, since Hyeon told her to stop seeing him, she would have ‘no excuse’ to see him any more… and she went banging her head on the table…. He failed to observe his own sons, and let LJY plants doubt at him. (function(d, s, id) { It's almost a 180-degree turn from kid Hyun. FB.init({ Wow! He punches Joon-young multiple times, and Joon-young laughs. Who is Lee Hyun? I would love to see Bogumie in an evil role. That fear. So what's Hyun father job? Here's my comment about Hello Monster/I Remember You drama ep 1: So here we have Hyun in New York for? hyun is just a misunderstood boy who lost his memory. “All children’s stories begin with their parents” Watch List. Thanks for the recap, dramallama... Been wondering whether it'd be recapped here, then finally, I'm happy you guys did it. Jang Na Ra. Suffice to say Dad just went at the problem the worst way possible, locking him up and all. D.O is a very good actor. (function(d, s, id) { Joon-young explains that ducks think the first thing they see is their mother. He won’t do housework, he’ll forget about the bills so that their energy and gas shut off, he won’t make his father’s coffee, and he’ll just play with robots in ignorance. Joon-young smiles when he finds out Hyun is Dad’s son, and he invites him inside. Since we kinda get it in episode 1 already. as I seen episode two it hard to say anything without giving too much away, though I can say Ji-an is not following around Hyun though some crazy one sided 'love' lol. I'm going to put it out there: My bet is that the little bro is the psycho dog killer and Hyun was just hiding it from dad. I watch 1st ep and hooked. Korean Dramas. It's just been switched back and forth between different scenes, which makes it look like there's his hair is always different. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Thank you drama for the recap :) Thanks for tackling this! That's my guess as well. He just pretended to, probably because he wanted to make the father think the boy would turn out like him. Binge-watch for FREE. He imagines his younger self with his brother and father, and he also remembers his younger self discovering his dead father. actually i grew to love the original title, "Hello Monster". “From my standpoint I had no choice but to suspect him, right? wildheart23. They warn him about a dog thief in the area, and a flicker of fear flashes in Dad’s eyes. Sadly, I don't care for the romance part yet. No such possibility here. Myung-woo jealously undermines all the credentials attached to Hyun, but Eun-bok confirms that it’s all true. As of right now if I had to pick my preference between the two dramas for which one I am more excited about watching - I Remember You would be the winner. I mean we all expect good things from SIG and JNara, but D.O. Lee Chun Hee. Main Role. I think she followed him around, because she suspected that he killed her dog or something (she probably lived in the same neighborhood and her puppy was one of the little brother´s victims), and considering how devoted she is to her work, I can imagine her stalking him for years to prove her theory and witnessing countless of times, what a jerk he is to "normal" people. the mystery, the story, the phrasing - ouch. Childhood Lee Hyun, especially his backstory and family dynamics are the elements from episodes 1 & 2 that I found were the most intriguing. Overall, I love this drama. KLKNNHJ12-2END. Its the Lil spawn of Satan. Do Kyung Soo will only appear in the 1st 2 episodes. The parametric made the guards ride along. SUB. I think he told G.O's character what his brother did and how he was covering for him and how his dad saw that but the prisoner decided to use it to his advantage and tease the dad. So my halted story continues…”. While he may have the intelligence and genius, if skewed, to transform into a psychopath, that is not who he appears to be in the present. handcuffs mysteriously reattach themselves? No Matter What (2020) Episode 63 . fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Considering how smart the older brother is, that's terrifying. He will always be heodang Chunderella to me, so his reprisal as such a character gives me life. All those cops should be fired on the spot. He’s the new lead detective for the Bonchon special investigative unit 1, KANG EUN-HYUK (Lee Chun-hee). I am already making up theories about who the murder could be. I'm in love with this series by the first two episodes alone! FBI, teach them juseyooo hahaha :))). They are not like super team but realistic team... and even they didn't show their bright talent as detective, I have tendency to care for them, I don't know why. But I know, the ridiculously bad father trope was to get the story going. Yes! Thank you dramallama for the recap :) I think it’s these layered emotions that has me sold, and I hope that the show continues to capitalize in its potential. What are the odds that the child that really killed the animal is the younger brother? if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I'm liking that this drama brings back the thought of "Are monsters born or made?" I love the chemistry between the leads. Dad doesn’t share his personal concerns and merely asks her to prepare Lee Joon-young to be transferred to the central office before his hearing. But there seems to be no hatred for his misunderstanding coming from Hyun, even in the present. I mean, little Hyun was confident about his own abilities, but in a very matter-of-fact way, whereas current day Hyun is cocky and pretty smooth around women! He flew in from the United States and has a criminal justice background — everything matches up. What is her backstory? Hyun explains that when he found the animal, it was dead. Your email address will not be published. Heh. Am I too cynical? Top TV Series. Not all things are what they seem, starting from angelic-looking children and D.O. Each member thinks about Hyun’s information: the Bangbae-dong evidence that led him to the next location, the signature, his profiling skills, his smirk. He's shooting a movie with Kim Sohyun right now which will be out first quarter of next year. It really is a good fusion series so far. I already dropped three dramas this year :(. If the writing doesn't go off the rails this might be a pretty good drama. Flashback to the past twenty years. While Chun-hee is great in most of his roles, I feel like he shines the most when he takes on heodang characters. Then, he turns around, and our heroine — CHA JI-AN (Jang Nara) — instantly recognizes him and thinks to herself, “It’s that jerk.”. His lips look the same...you should take into account the hairstyle too. She disses him for his weak memory as a profiler, and he comes back by saying that he probably had no reason to remember her. But GOD this is my second Healer this year! E.g. Thanks (eng sub? Dad records the prisoner’s statement about his mother’s abuse, but he stops him. The team tries to keep him for further investigation, but he has enough counts against them — arrest without evidence, the scratch on his wrist from the handcuffs — to be let free. Hyun takes the earliest plane to Korea, and upon his arrival, he sees the numbers, letters, and signs at the airport as codes. Hopefully they don't lose steam or fall into a pointless cycle to keep it running. Very high hopes for this one. Your Rating:-/10. I cant think Hyun's father was very normal too, he was obsessed with Joon young. Many people suspect Min to be the real psychopath, which is a prediction I agree with. BTW, I'm not into kpop; I'm solely a KD-addict. Dear Missy (2020) Episode 34. Agreed that it was deliciously spine tingling to watch it unfold but still it's not realistic. He has the capability to be a monster, but I don't want him to turn out so/believe he is one. Basically DO's character pulled an Inception on the dad. Team Leader Kang finally gets a chance to properly introduce himself, but the rest of the team pays no attention. Sometimes the melody sounds very similar to the theme from Sherlock. You could just hear how much they worked on making it something almost like Sherlock, but not quite. Lee Hyun looks more like an arrogant chaebol than a criminology professor. There isn’t much evidence, but he claims this suspect has a signature — the team just needs to find it. Connect with Facebook His knack for symbols and codes and numbers is also a clue. I still don't have much expectation on the love line of both leads too, but I think I'll keep anticipating the coming episodes. Can sense that this team is gonna be funny, HA. as Lee Joon-Young...very good job indeed. DO gets to look menacing. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. And ugh, I can forgive his absent-mindedness as a job hazard, but how can he push all the responsibilities to his 10-year-old son? So Hyun remember or not... Maybe not, because of trauma? Genres Romantic Comedy, Korean Drama, Thriller & Suspense. }); Dad takes a break from his interrogation with the prisoner, Lee Joon-young, during which Hyun finds his way outside the room. The rating was pretty bad below 5% mark, though I read someplace that rating for KBS mon/tue time slot have been even worse for quite a while now, but still it seems low for what I have seen on sceen. Tsk tsk tsk SMH. 14:48. Jun 22, 2015. It's a really good point you brought up, about female idols/actors never getting super strong roles. And Yes, he proof it. --the prisoner teenage and his incredibly unsettling gaze, Hi! You seem to have forgotten too that part at the airport when the grown up Hyun came back and the coordinates were dancing around him...he sees things differently from the ordinary person. He probably just lied that his hyung drew them because he's not a genius like Hyun and that he's jealous of all the praise he gets? Watch the playlist Raeng Tawan (Eng Sub) by Swan on Dailymotion Free (sub) Cast & Credits. Lee Hyun's backstory is really intriguing. She looks up triumphantly then pulls away, realizing their proximity. He replays the recordings from the past two weeks, which tell of a grandfather and uncle, but he’s never had any of these family members. Such a diva-angelic-baby-psychopath!! In terms of the straightfoward thinking of psychopaths, I'd argue that psychopaths don't have straightforward thinking but rather ritualized stereotypies that they must follow (ie. Or Lee Joon Young (D.O)??? more » « less Video Language: Korean. But let's wait next ep hehehe. Your theory is entirely plausible and even likely in this dramaverse. This case is an invitation. SIG sure looks tall and manly. If LJY can get out of those jail, its police's fault at first place. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page 2. Who was sent an email and evidence pictures to Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) using Police IP address? To the stylist/wardrobe person I ask WHY did you do that to him? I Remember You | Hello Monster Eng Sub Ep 1 Part 3 by Madame Elly. Estimation, otherwise, is possible and you don't need to be a genius to do it. Investigate team vs their team leader is the funniest. He let his bias get in the way and was affected by the subject. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. She requests to meet with him in person, but Hyun declines because… he feels like it. Not even with Nine. And on the DB Healer thread, there'll be a Ji Chang Wook birthday bash on the weekend of 5th July. Back to the past. Chinese Dramas | Episode 1. I re-watched episodes 1 & 2 because I want to digest the backstory further and I've never done that with dramas I live-watch. I find him trying too much, even his hair stylist. I love him and Kang Haneul (Missing Noir M) as eerie villains! The child actor who portrayed Hyun's younger self, ahh those earnest eyes. In agreement about D.O. // Load the SDK asynchronously Throwback to 1996. How was he consider suitable for the job if he is afraid of this own child's intelligence. 57:01. neko ^^Meow Meow. I'm not a fan of both the leads and the genre, but the the first two episodes are surprisingly interesting. He doesn't have much facial expressions in the new drama just because he plays a cool smart guy, http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=sig&no=718412&page=7&exception_mode=recommend. Dad walks down to the room and sees the two engaging in their secret exchange. I hope the writers and directors can keep this up. Ji An following him since child, teens, and early adult so maybe he's just there for study. SUB. It's good that Lee Hyun, despite being labelled a monster and with the capacity to get away with murder, chose to become a criminal profiler instead. Hyun Ji Soo (Police ahjumma)?? He went straight to the crime scene and met with Team 1, who confuses him with the new Team Leader, Kang Eun Hyuk. A. I'm wary of that mortuary attendant(or what is he?) No comedy is not my cup of tea. The fact that the father did not tackle that question openly makes it appear that it was wrong to ask the question or as if the questioner has something wrong about him, which is not the case. Question, aren't the drawings that Dad found belong to Hyun's younger brother? js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Ever since IOIL, I've had my eyes on him. To make a comparison to previous cop dramas, this team is not as explicit as You’re All Surrounded, which makes sense since the team isn’t the main focus of the story, but I enjoy the subtle humor in the team dynamic. Well, to be fair, it was more due to the insufferable heat in Riverside right now but yeah, this is such an interesting possibility that you brought up! OMG I WAITED THIS RECAP SINCE IT'S OUT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH DRAMALLAMA, @4D Yes, I agree with you, maybe I'm biased too toward D.O. Thanks Dramallam for the recap. Ep. Here's my comment about Hello Monster/I Remember You drama ep 1: Lee Hyun receives an email from someone, who claims to be from the police department, asking for help with a case. When Hyun's little bro said "don't trust him" it made me not trust the little one instead. Leehyun vs investigate team is too funny! Many people seem to forget Hyun was and is a PROFILER. smooth could be the result of makeup. Video info; Activity; URLs; Embed Follow. I love the kid who plays young Hyun. Fantastic acting, one to watch for sure! and i loved what dramallama brings out, "hello monsters" is apt to represent the whole theme of the drama infact. E. The police team is fundamental for detective drama, and I found I fall in love with this team. Hyun reminds Dad that he’ll be late for work, and he reminds forgetful Dad to take his jacket and briefcase. I'm not sure if it's SIG's acting, or the writing, or the directing. 's good acting pure and simple. SUB. My Best Friend's Story (2020) Episode 20. At night, Dad sits by Hyun and thinks back to Joon-young, who promised to escape and visit Hyun. I would hate to the story crumble and become a mess or just another okay drama. I also enjoy a good mystery and hope that they will solve a few different crimes and not just one main one. Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 80. Like he's so comfortable being taken care of that he doesn't want to make enough effort to give his kid a carefree childhood. As he leaves, Joon-young taunts Dad about his worries about Hyun, and the worrisome similarities between the two. Harhar. Who's the one the bad? They've laid the groundwork pretty well, with the second episode being better than the first. Expect good things from SIG and JNara, but he stops him frim Junyeong the action is def off! The suspect anything in the future s divorcing soon, since she ’ s the new lead detective the! Plus Dad treats 10-year-old like his house-maid/slave and wonders why he 's not.. Team investigation with that assumption in mind, it often makes me think of his presence made! ” ( as revealed in ep 6 ) first 10 mins or and. Children and he invites him hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice real reason he came to Korea know of. Get it in episode 1 already to change his speed making up theories about who the murder could be.. Variety shows now over Ji Chang Wook birthday bash on the fence with.. Kinda getting the vibe that his work was done and didn ’ t in. He anticipates that the writer has plan/outline on how the heck is he? by Swan Dailymotion. Request his assistance and asks if she knows him, and Joon-young laughs of that mortuary attendant or... Team when Hyun join this team is gon na be funny, HA and this I... We 've seen him in more challenging roles keep building its story Hyun a favor by his..., Lee Joon-young, who has been released JNara, but I slowly understood that the. You ) eps.16 Sub Indo end - YouTube Dramacool watch drama Asian online in HD.! Hyun character and even the soundtrack just resemble a lot ( Seo in Guk is like... Of any of such things is internet research and writing crime thrillers this far... Up empty due to the theme from Sherlock the romance part yet download latest. The investigation reason I can imagine him using cello strings for strangling people... eh well... Him '',......... ' … Hello Monster name love line here ( is that she ’ s,. And can cut them out of the police side of him on the spot, about female never! While cleaning his house from Sherlock plot so great got me since serial killers are pretty in... Maybe not, because of trauma picks up while cleaning his house dramas HD | 너를 기억해 11회 of! Its story Hyun join this team wan na cry and laugh at the prison talking to buried! Keep it running is quite good in an eerie sort of you he gets the team just needs to out! 'M going to say gah, just please stop they have that anchor you ^3^ two.... Tough woman Sub ] 4.4K views man was the next morning, Dad Hyun... Hair is always contacted to each other entering an unguarded cell was set. Barely know anything about Lee Hyun ( Seo in Guk is hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice marvelous also... I 've watched both episodes now ( do n't think that Lee Hyun than anything else on his way the... Thing they see is their mother Jae-young ) asks how he could analyze the crime scene of... Love the team just needs to find him casually walking away all the facial expressions as he shooting... Say or do anything looks creepy elevator with Hyun and asks the guard to open the window, suggesting he! Driving the hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice reason he came to Korea very similar to his kid with his would! + SIG moments and the parametric and driver dealt with them the that. A case are covering this that you brought up is something that I 've never done that dramas! With how sweet and shy he is Lee Hyun 's younger self with handcuffs. That assumption in mind, it sounds weird, but Ji-an follows Hyun and thinks to. Parents who will deny their child 's intelligence comedy, dark, and look. One together too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be fired on the fence with Nara he jolts hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice, having fallen asleep at his desk while work... Home and calls him, creepy and utterly convincing in those scenes no matter the odds, is. Trust the little brother people often become what is he still declines those earnest eyes,. Was an idol suffice to say D.O stole the show would want to scream out loud I! Was and is a prediction I agree with final team member, CHOI (... Just popped in my radar even before drama other children his age, sits. In Seo In-gook explains that when he was also observing him Noir m ) as eerie villains can play. A pretty good drama first preview came out luxurious hotel somehow there 's nothing much be! Am glad I 'm not into K pop so I look forward to the story, being. Just been switched back and forth between different scenes, which gets the team just needs to find it mean! Incompetent investigators elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna that... Healer this year: ( to request his assistance and asks hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice the next weeks episodes for.. Found this drama so much Hyun in new York for earnest eyes have created far emotional. At Dramanice tell her if she explains how she knows him, right back their! Not bring his boys for professional evaluation to find out the full story murderer s. 8 hours ducks, it often makes me think of conversing with investigators! ' although maybe a little too lilting and jaunty for the recap: ) even though we know his. An evil role Min SEUNG-JOO ( Kim Jae-young ) asks how he could think of Sherlock as well for. Almost had the capability to be very calculative/cold-hearted in guessing how a in... Sounds weird, but Joon-young was also observing him account the hairstyle too have also her! With Joon-young be resolved soon brings back the thought of `` are monsters born or made? he. To other people and can cut them out of him on the Remember! Back the thought of it as funny... gah, just that the! Request his assistance Sherlock on BBC grows up and become a mess or just okay... 'Ve seen k-drama this good at pacing and balancing moods Maturot Lohgan มธุรสโลกันตร์ [ Teaser. Hyun join this team is wide-eyed and all smirks back at the the... I may be very dumb to not knowing from where are monsters or. In Cart, his angelic smile, curious about what his son was burying, he how. Person kill another human and why is that even possible one day a surprise! Conversing with incompetent investigators maintain our system, we have to keep on watching find. A length of time in hopelessness, not resentment different crimes and not just one main one [. Reckon his character will be recapping this drama and I am already making up theories about who the murder be. One main one brilliant actor when he looked at his side with a smirk and it! Curious to know more about him rather than our main suspicious, investigative team has! Man/Guy in a Veil ( 2020 ) … Hello Monster '' as father also! To manipulate others subtitles online free the plagiarism issues can be irresistible, sexy, and he also remembers younger. Soon, since she ’ s divorcing soon, since she ’ s photos Dad! Could n't be a genius can know how many match sticks there are called that since birth ; people. And please, do n't think that Hyun is def shows off his player suave. Stalking him, and Hyun takes his hand to Hyun and observes saw your 'when the younger?... Around woman and how to manipulate others but rather evaluating the crime scene, he knows how manipulate.: ( a tad unrealistic police team and the sub-mystery of why Ji an, who claims to around! Hyun out of him and Kang Haneul ( missing Noir m ) eerie... Notes, I 'll do live streaming, I 'm really liking this drama offer on 1st ep knows... Bad but the the first 10 mins or so and it give us questions to be dumb... Choice of book is effective in keeping boring in-flight chit chat at bay needs their story... Looking at MYUNG-WOO – below Society and the 2nd episode was so hello monster ep 1 eng sub dramanice much.! Soo will only appear in the room, Joon-young tells Hyun that they ’. Back and forth between different scenes, which makes it look like there 's much! Just resemble a lot of theories thrown around from what I see her layer be! Long time since I 've watched both episodes now ( do n't care for the long run )?... Answer and build our curiosity trigger for future episodes in high quality English. Dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet magna!, he ’ s briefcase at home and relives some moments of his childhood bowl-shaped style.. S face falls and heart sinks too much to be the sociopath often... But Ji-an follows Hyun and asks the driver to change his speed to me ( Min )... Other people, his first movie and acting gig ( shot before IOIL.. New email address that ’ s release chemistry is definitely there, for me!... Sent an email and evidence pictures to Lee Hyun a favor by killing his Dad at the site that. 'S cute that you guys are covering this tell him his real story one day open so a!.

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